The Standup Podcast

Two friends share conversations about management, design, product, and development.



#12- Year in review and season one finale

The Standup podcast concludes its inaugural season with a reflective last episode, marking the completion of their goal of twelve episodes for the year. In this final installment, the hosts take a nostalgic look back at the events of 2023 while eagerly anticipating the prospects of 2024. The podcast unexpectedly becomes a journey into the hosts' own perspectives, with a discussion about embracing the "snowdrop" brand and the need for a more focused direction. The hosts delve into personal aspirations for the upcoming year, ranging from lifestyle goals to managing work-life balance. The episode touches on themes of travel, business growth, and physical exercise, culminating in a heartfelt expression of gratitude to their listeners for the year and warm wishes for the holidays and the New Year.

#11- Feelings towards design authoring and ownership

In this episode of the Standup Podcast, hosts Guilherme and João center their discussion around the current industry trend of prioritizing uniformity over individuality in design. The hosts advocate for designers to consistently contemplate how they can delight users, emphasizing that products serve a purpose beyond mere functionality. They delve into the realm of digital assets, specifically those with timeless qualities like branding. In this context, they underscore the potential for smaller teams to create enduring products, even while acknowledging the perishable nature of certain things. The conversation takes a compelling turn towards a focus on timeless creations, urging listeners to position themselves as authors and embrace the entrepreneurial mindset necessary to build a product or company with a lasting impact.

#10- Random thought provoking topics

Join us in this engaging podcast episode as hosts João and Guilherme delve into the world of design, creativity, and personal growth. In this thought-provoking conversation, they reflect on the wisdom of legendary designer Dieter Rams, who maintained his creative spark even at the age of 50. Is creativity truly a casualty of growing up, or do we become more efficient as we mature? The hosts share their insights gained from a busy month of freelance projects, inviting you to discover the valuable lessons they've acquired. Are there specific takeaways you can apply to your own journey? Additionally, they tackle the contentious issue of design systems and their impact on creativity. Is it possible that design systems, while seemingly restrictive, could actually free you up to be more creative where it matters most? Tune in to this podcast for a fascinating discussion that navigates the balance between creativity and efficiency in the ever-evolving world of design.

#9- Strategies to improve your mental health

In episode nine of the Standup podcast hosted by João and Guilherme, the hosts dive into a thoughtful discussion on motivation and productivity. As they reflect on the end of summer, they share their personal experiences with fluctuating motivation levels and the strategies they employ to stay motivated. João discusses the role of meditation in boosting motivation and the challenge of making it a consistent practice. Guilherme explores how the rate of learning can impact motivation, especially when you already have a wealth of knowledge. They both emphasize the importance of having a toolbox of strategies to maintain motivation. The episode touches on key elements that contribute to their motivation, including movement, seeking inspiration, cultivating love, and practicing appreciation. João highlights the significance of physical activity, preferably outdoors, while Guilherme emphasizes the role of inspiration and emotional factors in staying motivated. Throughout the episode, they also share their go-to strategies for rekindling motivation during low-productivity periods. For both hosts, taking a break and experimenting with different tools and technologies proves to be effective in regaining motivation. Their candid conversation offers valuable insights into the ups and downs of motivation and provides listeners with practical tips for staying motivated in their own lives.

#8- How to manage creatives and designers

In the latest summer episode of The Standup Podcast, co-hosted by Guillerme and Joao, we dive into the art of managing creative individuals. Guillerme starts the discussion by unveiling the nuances of offering feedback to designers and creatives. Discover the importance of timing, personalization, and fostering openness within teams, all essential for effective communication and collaboration. The episode continues with insights into establishing project boundaries and priorities, allowing creative energies to flourish within defined parameters. Acknowledging the inherent vulnerability of many creatives, João emphasizes the significance of constructive feedback delivery, providing strategies to inspire growth while maintaining a positive atmosphere. Join us as we explore how to guide designers, allowing them to soar while ensuring their work aligns with the team's goals. Don't miss this insightful conversation that unveils the secrets of nurturing creativity within a collaborative framework.

#7- Process and framework for bootstrapped products

In this exciting episode, we're back on track after a slight delay, but we're not breaking our streak! We kick things off with a discussion about a SaaS B2B tool aimed at helping companies manage and share their roadmaps, followed by a pivot towards exploring the importance of a team mindset. Next, we dive into the idea of a site builder and business automation platform for small businesses, marked with potential but ultimately set aside. Finally, we land on our current passion project: a product centered around saving and sharing precious photos and videos, capturing the essence of your journeys and experiences. Join us as we embrace the challenge of crafting a strong branding from the very start and aligning with our mission and values.

#6- The boom of design subscription services

In this month's episode, we discuss the booming trend of design subscriptions that has captured the attention of professionals worldwide. We delve into the flexible and asynchronous approach offered by design subscriptions, which streamline processes and simplify complexities for individuals, especially in the context of bootstrap businesses and small enterprises. We also explore the benefits and implications of this model in the era of creative collaboration. Shifting our focus to the world of Figma, we address the challenges designers face when dealing with tailwind components due to the lack of a proper component library. We discuss strategies and insights for overcoming these obstacles while keeping the design process efficient and effective. Lastly, we dive into the debate between a generalist and a specialist approach in design, highlighting the merits and suitability of each depending on the target audience. We emphasize the importance of showcasing expertise and offer an engaging discussion on navigating the ever-evolving design landscape.

#5 - VC funded vs Bootstrapped

In our fifth episode, we delve into the world of bootstrap businesses and the challenges they face in ensuring survival while pursuing their passion. We explore the various flavors of the VC route, highlighting the importance of revolutionary products for first-time founders without traction. Lack of accountability can lead us astray, emphasizing the need for meticulous planning and a clear vision of our ideal outcome. Join us as we discuss the risks of aiming too small in bootstrap ventures and the difficulty of convincing others of our abilities as first-time founders. Thanks for tuning in, and we'll catch you next month for more conversations.

#4 - "How to make it" as a freelancer

In this conversation, Guilherme and João discuss strategies for freelancers to find new clients. They mention the importance of growing an audience on different channels, such as Twitter, and reaching out to companies that may be hiring freelancers, even for part-time work. The speakers also discuss their experiences with hiring freelancers, mentioning platforms like Dribbble and Twitter as potential avenues for finding talent. They acknowledge that freelancing can be lucrative, but also challenging due to the constant demand and stress. It's recommended to manage workload and take breaks between projects to avoid burnout. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of proactively seeking out freelance opportunities and effectively managing the demands of freelancing.

#3 - Honest process for designing and shipping products

Welcome to another episode of The Standup Podcast, hosted by Guilherme and João. In this episode, they discuss their approach to design as a craft that improves with practice, embracing the chaos of the design process, the importance of empathy with users, and the value of simplicity in design. They also highlight the usefulness of patterns and frameworks for side projects, the ever-changing nature of design, and the significance of communication and transparency in the design process. Tune in for practical insights without the fluff!

#2 - How to level up your career in 2023

In this standup podcast episode, Guilherme and João share actionable tips for career growth as a product manager (PM) or designer in 2023. The first section focuses on getting a job and succeeding in it. We emphasize the importance of frequent communication and sharing of ideas, being supportive of the development team, avoiding egos and being humble, and prioritizing good communication and alignment with the boss. This podcast episode also mentions a job opening for a senior product designer focused on the design system, with contact information for those interested in applying.

#1 - The Standup Begins: Our Origins, Goals and last Year in Review

In the first episode of their podcast, Guilherme and João reflect on the challenges and learnings from producing the podcast. They discuss the importance of naming projects, avoiding burnout as a designer, and prioritizing smaller projects. They also highlight the significance of information architecture and rhetoric for designers and product managers. They express excitement about the potential of their podcast to share insights with others in the industry and their commitment to delivering valuable content to their listeners.